About Personal Loan

Personal loan is the obvious choice if you need a finance for Medical emergency, Wedding purposes, Abroad travel, Holidays, Child education and for buying consumer durable things.

We offer a variety of personal loan options to help you achieve your financial goals. we’re here to help.

Our personal loans services come with competitive interest rates, flexible terms, and easy online applications.

We understand that every borrower is unique, and we work with you to find the best loan option for your needs

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Personal Loan Products

Achieve all your goals and aspirations; with the right kind of help, exactly when you need it.

Medical expenses

Personal loans can be used to cover unexpected medical expenses and that are not covered by insurance, such as elective surgery or dental work.

Wedding expenses

You can manage your dream marriage day with our personal loan option. It can be used to cover the costs of a wedding, such as venue rental, catering, and flowers etc.

Home improvements

Personal loans can be used to finance home improvement , such as a renovation of your kitchen renovation and other area in your house.

Debt consolidation

Personal loans can be used to consolidate high-interest debt, such as credit card debt, into a single loan with a lower interest rate.

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Features of Personal Loan

Our Personal loans offer the flexibility and convenience you need to achieve your financial goals.


Simple Documentation

A Personal Loan can be accessed with minimum documentation and does not take time to procure as compared to secured loan.

No collateral, security requirements

Personal loans are solely granted on the basis of an individual’s credit-worthiness.

Easy repayment

Banks provide personal loans for 12 to 60 months. Varying from bank to bank, these tenures allow easy repayment options to the borrower.

Competitive interest rates

you can get loan at attractive interest rates, You can compare in wide variety of banks and apply best one which suitable to you.

Personal Loan - Eligibility

Any salaried, self-employed or professional Public and Private companies, Government sector employees including Public Sector is eligible for a personal loan.


Minimum age is 21, maximum age at loan maturity 58 to 60 years


Minimum Net monthly income Rs.15000

Credit Rating

Applicant should have the bank specified credit score.

Frequently Ask Questions

Check below questions to get more clarity about the loans.

You can avail of loans ranging from Rs 50,000/- to Rs 40, 00,000/- depending on your eligibility, income, and repayment capacity.

The loan can be repaid over a period of 12 to 60 months.

Yes, you can. This helps you to increase your income ability and you can gain a large amount of loan

No security, collateral or guarantors are required for obtaining Personal Loans.

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