Kotak Bank PVR Gold Credit Card

Top reasons to get the Rewards Credit Card

  • The Kotak Bank PVR Gold Credit Card is suitable for those movie lovers who frequent multiplexes to enjoy movies.
  • The Kotak Bank PVR Gold Credit Card charges no joining fee to the applicant.
  • Apply for the card and earn 1 PVR voucher code on its 1st swipe.
  • 1st swipe benefit: As a gift for the 1st swipe of your card, you get a voucher code from PVR within 60 days of the swipe.
  • Card safety: If the card is misplaced or stolen, you can receive an insurance cover, through PVR Shield, of up to Rs.50,000 in a year.
  • Add-on cards with same features: You can choose to opt for an add-on card and set the spending limit accordingly. The add-on card also falls within the insurance blanket of PVR Shield.
  • Joining fee : Nil / Annual fee : Rs 499.
  • Card-related transaction/ Transfer of funds for every Rs.10,000: Rs.300.
  • Get free PVR Movie Tickets depending on your monthly spends.
  • Get 15%# Cashback on Food and Beverages at PVR
  • Get 5%#Cashback on Movie tickets at PVR Box Office
  • No Joining Fee for the first year!

Kotak Bank PVR Gold Credit Card Eligibility:

  • You need to have a high credit score and a decent and constant source of income to be eligible to apply for the Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card.
  • You would be informed about the eligibility criteria at the time of applying for the card.