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Travel insurance is a type of insurance coverage that covers the cost of an insured individual or group's medical expenses.

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About Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance coverage that covers the cost of an insured individual or group's medical expenses

Why do I need Travel Insurance?

  • One usually travels abroad for two reasons- a pleasure trip or a business trip. You do not want anything to spoil your hard earned holiday or your crucial business meeting. But there is a possibility of some unexpected occurrence no matter how perfect the planning is. Unfortunate events such as baggage loss, passport loss, a medical emergency or an accident can affect you. Having Overseas Travel Insurance protects you from all such perils.

Till when is the policy valid?

  • Insurance Cover shall terminate (i) with the end of Insurance Period i.e. the period for which the premium has been paid or (ii) when the insured person first disembarks on return to India.

Characteristics of Travel insurance

The cost of Travel insurance premium depends on age, the higher it is the older the individual is, and medical history. However, claim-free years reduce the cost of ensuing premiums.

The Travel insurer usually provides either direct payment (cashless facility) or reimburses the expenses associated with the illnesses or injuries.

A policy only lapses when the policyholder fails to pay the premium within the stipulated grace period which is 15 days after the expiry date. The policy does not cover for which no premium is received.

Taxpayers can avail of an annual deduction of Rs. 20,000 from taxable income for payment of Travel Insurance premium for self and dependants under Section 80-D, Income-tax Act ,1961

Features of Travel Insurance

Simple procedure

It can be accessed with minimum documentation and does not take time to procure as compared to secured loan.

Choose your amount

Self-employed professional loan range depending on income, obligations, repayment history (if applicable) and repayment capacity

Enjoy Best Rates

Self-employed professional loans can be availed at a better and cheaper rate

Decide your tenure

Easy repayment option you can choose for 12 to 48 months.

Travel Insurance- Insurability

  • No Age Limit
  • No Age Limit
  • Resident Indian
  • Upto 180 days
  • Single and Multi trips
  • *Policy norms May vary from Company to Company
  • PAN Card, Passport, Driving License, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Ration Card.
  • Passport, Driving License, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Mobile/Land Line Bill, Rental Agreement, Ration card, Gas bond with Bill, Sale deed, Property Tax, Electricity Bill, Aadhar Card.

Frequently Ask Questions

A:Where your stay abroad is extended for reasons beyond your control, the extension may be granted by insurance company after collecting appropriate additional premium. You have to contact your insurer with details in such cases.

Normally insurance companies cover Emergency medical expenses, Accidental death and permanent total disability, Flight delay, Loss of Baggage and Personal Documents, Delay of checked-in baggage, Personal liability, hijack distress allowance etc.

Yes, passport loss is covered in policy. Expenses incurred towards the procurement of a duplicate / temporary passport are also covered.

Overseas Travel insurance would protect you during the times of problems and stress when you are travelling in a foreign land. If there is cancellation of trip, interruption or delay due to illness, injury or bad weather or due to loss of baggage, passport, traveler’s cheques, traveling tickets, etc., there would be financial reimbursement offered to cover your financial risk. Medical expenses towards treatment in a local hospital would be provided. Financial emergency assistance would also be provided in case of loss of funds due to theft or any such event. Back home, your house and contents would be protected with a home insurance coverage against fire, allied perils and burglary.

The plan can be renewed online by filling a form before 7-10 days of the expiry of coverage. Travelers can initially buy the policy for 180 days and renew the same plan for another 180 days.

A:Generally there will be a minimum stipulated period. Normally pricing of the policy goes by the Trip band i.e number of days of travel involved and there would be a minimum trip band.

It is depends upon insurance company you choose. Some companies cover preexisting Diseases. Some companies didn’t cover.

Trip Delay: Covers expenses incurred if your departure is delayed due to specified reasons/issues.

Yes. Some exclusions and conditions are specific to individual sections and General exclusions and conditions apply to the policy overall. Please read the policy wording carefully to ensure you have the cover you need.

should choose plan with minimum sum insured of USD 25,000.

In case of Hospitalisation or any treatment availed, you need to call customer care of insurance company who will in turn activate their local networks in the country of claim. They will assist you with the list of hospitals.

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