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Income Tax Slabs And Rates for AY 2019-20 (FY 2018-19)

1. Age Group :

2. Income from Salary :

Income from Salary

Exempt under Section-10

Employment Tax

3. Income from House Property :

5. Allowed Tax Deductions under Income Tax Section-80C(Max. Rs.1.5 Lakh) :

Section 80CCC :

Section 80CCD :

6. Allowed Tax Deductions under other Income Tax Sections :

Section 24 :

(Maximum Allowed Amount 2,00,000/-)
(Applicable only If Loan amount is Below 35 lac and Property value is below 50 lac Maximum Allowed Amount is 50,000/-)

Section 80CCG :

(Maximum Allowed Amount 50,000/-)

Section 80D :

(Maximum Allowed Amount 25,000/-)
(Maximum Allowed Amount 30,000/-)

Section 80DD :

(Maximum Allowed Amount 1,25,000/-)

Section 80DDB :

(Maximum Allowed Amount 40,000/-)

Section 80E :

(No upper Limit)

Section 80G :

(Based on institution type 50 %-100 % of donation is allowed)

Section 80GG :

Section 80U :

(Maximum Allowed Amount 1,25,000/-)

Section 80TTA :

(Maximum Allowed Amount 10,000/-)

Section 80RRB :

(Whole Amount or 3 lakhs which ever is lower )

Section 80CCD(1B) :

(Maximum Allowed Amount 50,000/-)

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