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One Account - Complete Family - Unlimited Benefits

A place where 32 banks & 40 Mutual Fund Companies are available for servicing the customer financial needs.

Wide Variety of Financial Products

No need to visit multiple places for your different needs. Every Financial product is a multiple year, and they are dependent on each other. Get advice on loans, credit cards, Mutual funds, savings & Tax saving schemes etc.

Review Financial Plan Vs Actual

A financial plan is key for financial freedom, but keeping tracking of planned performance Vs Actual Performance is the best way to manage. Every customer is unique and Investment advice is not same for all. A tailor made investment advice & product recommendations.

Portfolio Auto Re-balance

Worrying about market losses and correction?. Our special algorithm will automatically recommends timely advice on portfolio re-balance automatically. Why do investor need to loose gains built over a period.

Save on borrowing costs, Investment expenses

Min. loan tenure is from 1 year to max of 30 years. Min Investment period is 1 day, to 40-50 years. As the market conditions change, investment environment for best returns will change. Simultaneously Interest rates on loans will change. Manage entire Family Investments portfolio at one place.

How does your personal finance plan work?


Begin with small steps, fill few details. Let someone get in touch with you to take care of your financial plan with possible savings & best investment alternatives.


A plan creates action items, Start following the action items and make right investment decisions. All the 40 AMC’s and Alternative Investment Funds are available just from click of a button.


Investor Can keep track of performance, also our human adviser will get in touch for a periodic portfolio review.

Loved by customers,Trusted by experts

We’re aiming to bring back the feeling of defined benefits, and the financial peace of mind that goes with it. We envision a world where you can be confident of reaching your goals, whatever they may be.