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What's InstaEMI Store?

  • A InstaEMI store is an assisted e-banking digital market place. This store brings 35+ financial products and 100+ Banks & Financial institutions, getting opened digitally in every location. It's complete Retails credit growth is the need of the hour, InstaEMI store gives an Instant Approvals on loans across un-secured & secured loans. The products ranges from personal loans, credit card, business loans, home loans, mortgage loans, gold loans and Loan Against Shares.
  • Good CIBIL Score gets best rate, high eligibility. Get free CIBIL report from InstaEMI Store.
  • Investing in to 45 Mutual Fund companies is just click away. Choose the best performing across the Industry Real estate, Health & Vehicle Insurance, Bill Payments, Domestic Money Transfers, e-commerce & many more are on the way.
  • It's a store, where every financial needs are taken care for those who are in need of money and for those who want to grow their money.
  • Assisted e-banking stores are providing business opportunities for enterprising individuals who want to run their own in their local town.
  • If you want to give best banking experience to public in your town, opening a InstaEMI store would definitely be an WOW factor

Why InstaEMI Store?

Indian Banking & Financial services industry is going through a overhaul of regulations. Side-by-side increase in digital penetration has opened more choices for customer and customer is looking for immediate decision. InstaEMI store connects all the banks & financial institutions to give immediate decision.

We are proud to say, we are the 1st & only company in India, who is offering all the services without any boundaries. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF BANKING.

Our Customer Benefits

We are being the credit underwriters for financial institutions, our loan approval process is superior. Every financial institution got their own Credit Norms & Credit parameters, our system checks where is the best benefit for the customer and how soon a loan can be disbursed to the required loan amount.



Check the possible best option before the customer makes any important decision.


SPOT Approvals

No more delays in loan decision, its immediate. Solutions for financially stressed too.



Immediate transaction save time and creates opportunity


Personal Touch to Customer

No more transfers, known local person with more number options and all the banks & financial institutions are here to serve you.

After Sales


You have a local sales manager / branch manager without any transfers. You can walk-in in to the store any time for any of your financial need, irrespective of the products

Store Owner Benefits

Bank for Banks

Every Single product is available in multiple variants. Give best advice to customer which saves more to customer.

Customer walk-in

Loan / Credit Cards are the needs for everyone. With InstaEMI store's Digital platform, give WOW experience to customer and flooded with references. This is ALL SEASON BUSINESS

Best Incentive

You can earn as much as you work. Just keep serving customers to earn more money simply.

No Limitations

You have every product that can offer from college student to retired person and free to serve any customer in the world including NRI's.


Learning always compliments earning. Our regular online trainings will help you grow your learning while your earnings growing. In Digital world knowledge is the asset, lifelong access to trainings guaranteed.

Awareness /Financial Literacy Camps

We conduct exclusive media partnered events with eminent guests in your store location. Also your store will be listed digitally for all the services in your store location.

Store Requirements

There is no job on the earth which is not helping others. You just need to be self-driving and motivated towards your business goals. Commitment towards day-to-day customer servicing and learning makes you successful.

A minimum of 150 Square feet in a business friendly location

Our Few Partners to name


Mutual Fund Houses


shoppingcart To Book a Store in Your Location Register here Store Registration

Loved by customers, Trusted by experts

We’re aiming to bring back the feeling of defined benefits, and the financial peace of mind that goes with it. We envision a world where you can be confident of reaching your goals, whatever they may be.